50 Cent Has 0 Cents. Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Jul 15 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

No, that’s not a typo. The rapper and business mogul 50 Cent has filed for bankruptcy, a stunning development considering he was estimated to be worth $155 million as recently as May.

The recording artist filed for bankruptcy under his real name of Curtis James Jackson II.  He listed his estimated assets between $10 million to $50 million, with what he owes in the same range. Those figures are much less than earlier estimates and calls into question what he is really worth.

While promoting his new film Southpaw, he told E! News exclusively that he’s simply protecting his financial future.

“I’m taking the precautions that any other good businessperson would take in this situation. You know when you’re successful and stuff, you become a target. I don’t wanna be a bullseye. I don’t want anybody to pick me as the guy that they just come to with astronomical claims and go through all that.”

Are you surprised about this news?

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