Amy Schumer Discusses Her Boyfriend. Reading and Vocab Challenge

Posted on Apr 19 2016 - 11:00am by PopESL

Amy Schumer and Ben Hanisch’s romance is no fling. The comedienne recently discussed the relationship with Jimmy Fallon. Fill in the story with the correct words below. Good luck!






“I met your boyfriend _____ and he’s a very nice gentleman,” Jimmy Fallon said on NBC’s the Tonight Show Tuesday. “Isn’t he nice? We’re great. We’re really good,” the Inside Amy Schumer star agreed. “We met and like totally fell in love and it’s been really good, and it became _____ Internet news. I think it’s because he’s really cute and people were like, ‘What? Dating Amy? He has all his ____!’ Like, people were shocked. They were shocked.” Schumer has even met the Chicago furniture maker’s _____ family. “They’re great,” she said.

Because Hanisch had never dated a celebrity _____ to Schumer, the comedienne gave his family some pointers. “I told them, ‘Look, journalists are going to call you, because it’s what they do. And they’re going to come to the house,'” the actress, 34, said. “And they did.”

Answers: backstage, viral, teeth, entire, prior

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