And the Winner Is…Miss America 2015. Read and Practice Personal Titles

Posted on Sep 15 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

We have a winner, America! Kira Kazantsev passed on her Miss America title and crowned the pageant’s new Queen, Miss Georgia Betty Cantrell, during the pageant on Sunday, Sept. 13 in Atlantic City, N.J.

Even though she tripped and seemed to freeze up a bit during the Q&A section, Betty totally owned it in the talent part of the competition. And, let’s face it she’s gorgeous as well. And the rest of the finalists were as follows: Fourth runner-up, Miss Alabama. Third runner-up, Miss Louisiana. Second runner-up Miss Colorado and runner-up Miss Mississippi. Did you watch? What did you think?

“Miss” is a personal title that means a woman who has typically younger or not married.

We use four basic titles frequently in English: Ms., Miss, Mrs., and Mr.

Two more are used somewhat less often: Ma’am and Sir.

Here are some basic variables determine which personal title to use:

  • The gender of the person you’re addressing, for example Miss vs Mr.
  • Marital status, if the person is female, for example Miss vs Mrs.
  • Whether you know the person’s name, for example Mrs. vs Ma’am

There are other personal titles found in English based on professions, such as Dr. or CEO.

Practice using the correct title here:

I have an appointment with  _____ Jones about my headaches.
Excuse me, ____, is this seat taken?
He named his son Jack _____ .
He is the ____ of that company.
After the wedding she will be _____ Roberts.
_____ Smith has a new boyfriend.
His dad is Mr. John Taylor _____.
William White, _____ at law is printed on his business card.
I assume she went to med school since her last name is followed by _____.
Is _____ Miller married? I'm not sure.


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