Another Reason Adele is Wonderful. Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Nov 21 2015 - 4:39pm by PopESL

We really don’t need another reason to adore Adele. Her highly anticipated album, 25, is worth the wait and now she’s showing she’s a good sport.

With a fake nose, fake chin and non Adele makeup, the singing super star transformed herself into a nanny named “Jenny” and headed off to an audition to impersonate herself.

She chats with a group of clueless impersonators about how long she’s been in the impersonation market and how business is going — pretty slowly, “there’s not much of a demand.”

It’s all fun and innocent but as soon as the star begins to sing they take notice. Some were faster than others, but eventually these Adele impersonators all realize they were kickin’ it with the real Adele.

Watch below and try not to smile…even you’re not an Adele fan.

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