Are They Or Aren’t They? Practice And Read

Posted on Jan 29 2016 - 1:57pm by PopESL

Are they or aren’t they? Zayn Malik has been crystal clear about leaving One Direction – saying in an interview with Beats 1 on Thursday that he “never really wanted” to be in the group – he’s less forthcoming about his relationship with Gigi Hadid.

In the same interview, when host Zane Lowe mentioned that Malik was “in a relationship,” the 23-year-old singer seemed to hint that the two are anything but official.

“Yeah, we’re good friends,” he answered simply. Hmmm, Instagram pics may lead fans to believe something different. What do you think?

Practice using are/aren’t in the sentences below. Fill in the correct word or change each sentence to the opposite. Good luck!

For example:

We are going to the store.

Would change to:

We aren’t going to the store.

They ____ my best friends and I love them.
We _____  going to Europe any longer.
They broke up and _____ dating any longer.
I'm so excited. We _____ going to the concert.
We got in a fight and _____ friends now.
Are you going to the movie?
Are they friends?
They are in love.
My parents are visiting.
My friend and I are living together.

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