Bieber Surprises Fans and Sings with Ariana. Watch, Read and Practice

Posted on Apr 1 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber on stage together?!

Too bad he couldn’t remember the lyrics! Maybe instead of loving harder Justin Bieber should try harder.

Biebs made a big surprise appearance and sang with Ariana Grande Saturday night in Miami for part of her Honeymoon tour.

They sang her hit “Love Me Harder” together and he took over for the role of the Weeknd and it sounded great … until he just spaced out on the words. By the sound of the audience they forgave Justin and loved the duet.

According to TMZ, even though it was a bonus for the crowd, Justin apologized profusely, saying he studied the lyrics before coming on stage.

It’s not his song, so it was no big deal to the crowd … they loved it, but Justin clearly wanted better. Maybe they will try again and surprise fans another time and he won’t forget his lines.

“Forget” is an irregular verb in English. You can practice it’s forms here:

I _____ to do my homework. (past)
Eventually you _____ how much it hurt. (future)
Don't _____ to buckle up. (imperative)
She always _____ to tie her shoelaces. (present)
He _____ the lyrics to the song. (present progressive)
It's hard _____ when some things. (infinitive)
It is _____. (participle)
Let's _____ about it and move on. (imperative)
I _____ your birthday. (negative present)
Did you _____ to log off? (present)

Don’t forget to watch the performance here:

And for more on Justin read here or here

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