Caitlyn Jenner Shout Out. Using Trans and Other Prefixes

Posted on Jun 9 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Unless you’ve been vacationing on Mars you’ve probably seen the new Caitlyn Jenner pictures and read about her amazing story. The former Bruce Jenner has made the courageous decision to transition into Caitlyn. That makes him transgendered.

Trans– is a common prefix in English. Prefixes attach to the beginning of the word.

Trans– means to cross, across, beyond.

Here are a couple of other common prefixes and their meanings:

  • Un- the prefix un means not, reverse action, release from.

Please unlike her photo.

  • Re-the prefix re means again.

I’m going to retake my exam.

Here is a big, helpful list of English prefixes.

Now let’s practice Trans, Un and Re. Choose the best prefix for each word. Good luck!

The DJ _____ that song.
I took a _____ flight from the US to Europe.
Can you _____ this knot in my laces so I can tie my shoe?
There is a lot of _____ about the election.
She _____ herself with a makeover.
It's very ____ that he will come to the party.
He _____ my Instagram photo.
She is very _____ in love.
The patient got a heart _____.
Be careful or you will ____ your arm.


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