Drake vs Meek Mill. Reading Comprehension

Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Drake fueled his ongoing feud with Meek Mill on Monday, opening his OVO Festival set in Toronto with a series of memes dissing the Philadelphia-born hip-hop star.

Rumors were swirling around Drake’s latest feud when he was caught wearing a shirt saying “Free Meek Mill” during set rehearsals. Drake previously wore the shirt after Meek Mill did jail time last year after violating probation. Drake has been dissing Mill since he accused him of using a ghostwriter to compose his raps.

Meek Mill has tried retaliating, but his efforts have been unsuccessful. Some even suggest girlfriend Nicki Minaj ended things because of the uproar.

Later in the evening two people were killed when a gunfire broke out at the Canadian music festival after party hosted by the rapper.  It’s not clear if he was inside the venue during the incident. This marks the second consecutive year gunfire has plagued the party.

Note to self, stay away from Drake’s bad side! He seems to hold grudges. And you might want to wear a bullet proof vest while attending his after party. What do you think?

Who's festival was Drake speaking at when he dissed the other rapper?
Where was the festival held?
Where is Meek Mills from?
Who dated Meek Mills?
Where did the shooting take place?

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