Fast and Furious 7. Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Apr 8 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

The latest Fast and Furious movie,  Furious 7, peeled out its opening weekend, earning a stunning $143.6 million from 4,004 movie theaters according to Rentrak estimates.

The movie franchise has continued to grow over the past few films. It’s popular with many car racing fans. The debut of Furious 7 is the biggest in it’s history.

While the Fast and Furious films have grown in popularity over the years, the big opening for Furious 7 was partially tied to star Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in Nov. 2013 before the film was completed.

Production of Furious 7 was stopped as the filmmakers and Universal Studios decided whether or not to continue with the film. The team decided to delay the release from its originally scheduled July 2014 date.

Did the tragedy affect the success of the opening weekend?

“It probably created some curiosity, but, at the same time, (the film) fits in so well with the overall continuing saga of the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise,” said Nick Carpou, Universal’s President of Domestic Distribution.

“It’s a motivator, but it’s not by any means the prime motivator to see the movie,” he added.

With this type of success it’s hard to believe this is the last one we will see. Fans are not ready for Fast and Furious to end.

Do you like Fast and Furious movies? Will you see this one?

Now test your reading knowledge. Good luck!

How many "Fast and Furious" movies are there?
Which 'Fast and Furious' sequel had the biggest opening?
Why was filming for 'Furious 7' delayed?
When was the original release date planned for the movie?
Find a word in the story that means "a first appearance or performance".

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