Gwen Stefani Is Not Engaged. Using No and Not in English

Posted on Jun 10 2016 - 3:26pm by PopESL

gwen and blake

Ever since these two started hooking up there have been rumors swirling about their status. The latest gossip says they are engaged. Gwen says no way, she is not engaged. What do you think?

Both of these sentences mean the same thing:

Gwen Stefani is not engaged

She has no plans to be married.

What’s the difference between no and not?

No and not are the two most common words we use to form a negative sentence.

  • Use no before a noun phrase to make it negative and means “not any” or “non”:
    • She is no fool.
    • I have no money.
    • There is no way I’m going to that party.
  • Use not with any other phrase or clause to make it negative:
    • She is not wearing makeup.
    • I didn’t see that coming.
    • He is not coming to class today.

Practice time. Choose the best word for each sentence. Good luck!

My father has _____ education.
She is _____ my friend.
She is probably _____ going.
He told me _____ to do that.
There is ____ way I will remember that.
That is _____ fair.
She offers _____ help.
I will have _____ date for the dance.
I'll have water with _____ ice.
She would ____ go with me.

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