ICYMI, Two Voices That Are Now Dating. Practice Present Progressive

Posted on Nov 6 2015 - 3:37pm by PopESL

ICYMI, the CMA Awards were this week and the biggest news was not who won, but who is now dating.

The official news that The Voice judges, Gwen Stefani and and Blake Shelton are dating sent the world into a whirlwind of gossiping, discussing and, let’s be honest, judging.  And now, fellow friend and judge, Adam Levine, wants to remind everyone that the two stars are people just like the rest of us.

During an interview with Ryan Seacrest on Friday morning, the Maroon 5 singer wasn’t afraid to open up about his pals from The Voice.

“They’re my friends,” he says. “Gwen and I have really bonded lately. She’s just the coolest, most wonderful person ever.”

He adds, “People don’t really realize that they are humans and they have problems just like everybody else. I love my friends, and I support my friends through everything. I’ve been actually really enjoying getting to know Gwen better in the past two months.”

What was your reaction that the two stars are dating?

Now, practice the present progressive. Can you change the verb to be the correct form? Good luck!

Miley Patrick. (to date)
He with his ex girlfriend. (to have fun)
The sun today. (to shine)
We pics on Instagram. (to post)
They his Spring Break partying. (to deal with)
They about his trip. (to fight)
I a movie. (to watch)
He at the beach. (to sunbathe)
I about the breakup. (to cry)
We to the party tomorrow. (to go)

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