Lamar Odom Update. Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Oct 18 2015 - 7:06pm by PopESL

Lamar Odom made progress by opening his eyes on Friday morning and he showed signs of improvement over the weekend although the 35-year-old athlete is not out of the woods yet.

E! News is reporting that Odom passed a swallow test, a promising sign of neurological function and an important step since doctors took out his breathing tube and needed to ensure he could swallow on his own.

They also report that Odom was helped out of bed for the first time since being hospitalized Tuesday night. He was moved with assistance into a chair and his breathing showed no signs of distress. He continues to wear a mask to help the flow of oxygen but he’s breathing on his own.

The former L.A. Lakers star is communicating mainly with hand signals, thumbs up or thumbs down. It’s also reported he is attempting to communicate with words but his speech is more or less limited to mumbles at this point.

Members of Khloé’s family have visted, as well as Odom’s children and some of his former teammates, including Laker Kobe Bryant and L.A. Clippers Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan.

We hope he continues to improve.

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