Mila Kunis Stole a Chicken? Read About It and Practice More Irregular Verbs

Posted on Apr 26 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

File this under “we can’t make this up” news. Mila Kunis, the actress who was a “Black Swan“, is now accused of being a chicken thief.

Kristina Karo, a singer from the Ukraine who claims she was a childhood friend of the actress, is accusing Kunis of stealing her beloved pet chicken, named Doggie, back when they were first graders 25 years ago.

According to TMZ, Karo has filed a small claims lawsuit in Los Angeles asking Kunis for $5,000 for the emotional distress the actress allegedly caused by stealing the chicken. According to the lawsuit, the $5,000 is to cover therapy  “due to isolation for the loss of her chicken pet.” She states that her emotional distress is worse since arriving in LA and seeing Kunis because everyone in LA sees Mila Kunis everywhere all the time.

“Doggie was very smart and unique,” Karo told TMZ Live, while repeatedly mixing up the gender of the alleged pet chicken.  When asked about the gender, she said it “was not something she could go into.”

Mila and her husband Ashton Kutcher responded with a video posted to TMZ. In the video Kutcher asked for his wife’s response and she joked, “I was weeping … I was dumbfounded … Which chicken did I steal?” Kunis claimed she’s filing a countersuit seeking damages for having to sit through Karo’s new music video: “My body hurts, my eyes hurt; they’re burning. That requires money.”

Looks like these two childhood friends won’t be hanging out anytime soon!

“To steal” is an irregular verb in English. Take this quiz to practice more irregular verbs. Choose the correct simple past form of each verb. Good luck!

Maybe she __________ the chicken. (to steal)
She _____ her tongue out.
He __________ the picture on his phone. (to shoot)
I __________ and missed class. (to oversleep).
I __________the restaurant. (to choose)
We __________up. (to break)
He__________  a successful company. (to build)
She __________her pet cat. (to feed)
I __________the question. (to misunderstand)
We __________ dinner at my favorite cafe. (to eat)

Want more practice with irregulars? Here you go!

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