My House by Flo Rida. Practice the /OW/ Diphthong

Posted on Mar 3 2016 - 2:01pm by PopESL

The ow sound is a two-sound diphthong in English.   It can have two different spellings: ou and ow. Be careful, it’s different than a long /o/ sound in slow and soul.

Here are some examples:

Ow: cow, plow, now, power, clown,

Ou: about, mountain, house, cloud

Here’s a great video on how to pronounce the sound.

For more practice watch and listen to “My House” by Flo Rida. It’s full of this sound. Here are words to listen for:

Welcome to my house
Baby take control now
We can’t even slow down
We don’t like to go out
Welcome to my house
Play that music too loud
Show me what you do now
We don’t like to go out
Welcome to my house
Welcome to my house

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