New Shoes! Converse Gets an Upgrade! Reading Comprehension

Posted on Jul 25 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

It only took 98 years but Converse has revamped their classic shoe. The Chuck Taylor has always been one of the most popular sneakers in American culture. It’s also been one of the least comfortable. The updated sneaker, dubbed “The Converse Chuck II, will combine the old shoe’s classic style with a more modern, cushioned interior designed by Converse’s parent, Nike Inc.

The shoe will weigh less than the current Chuck Taylor, aka the All-Star or Chucks. Retailers said Converse will continue to make the classic Chuck Taylor, which sells for $50 and up. The new version will be available July 28 for about $80, with high- and low-top models in four colors.

Answer the questions about the story. Good luck!

How old are Converse?
What has been the biggest problem for Converse?
What is a synonym for "dubbed?"
Who owns Converse?
When will the new style be available?

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