People Say What? Heat up!

Posted on Aug 22 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Summer is nearly over but things are still heating up with the celebrity couple world. Jennifer and Justin got married. Blake and Miranda, Ben and Jennifer and Gwen And Gavin are divorcing.  And Kylie and Tyga may now be official since she is no longer jail bait.

To heat up can be literal meaning something is getting hot.

The oven is heating up so we can bake cookies.

Heat up the apartment. It’s cold out there!

It can also be an idiom meaning things are escalating, becoming intense or getting attention.

Their relationship is heating up!

Things started heating up between them when he found her cheating.

To heat is the verb.

Hot is the adjective.

Heat is the noun.

Want more practice with heat? Check out this classic by Nelly!

It’s getting hot in herre!

“It’s getting hot in here”

is just another way to say

“It’s heating up.”

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