Selfies….and Reflexive Pronouns Practice

Posted on Feb 2 2015 - 7:15am by PopESL

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Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies and looking fabulous. To celebrate her new book about how to take your best selfie, let’s examine the word self and reflexive pronouns:

Self is used in reflexive pronouns. Reflexive means reflecting back on itself like a mirror…or selfie photos!


Self reflexive pronouns:

Myself, yourself, himself, herself, themselves or itself. Use these when the object of the sentence is the same as the subject.

Here’s a list:

Myself, yourself, himself, herself, itself are singular – they refer to one person or thing.

Ourselves, yourselves and themselves are plural – they refer to more than one person.


He was dancing by himself.

Some people do foolish things to make themselves famous.

Jenny and Tom, help yourselves to some cake.

Practice Time! Fill in the correct reflexive pronoun for each space. Good luck!

Kim Kardashian knows how to take the best pictures of__________.
She is so good at this she wrote a book about it. You can’t argue that the Kardashians have made__________famous for being on TV, taking gorgeous selfies and dating rappers.
In case you want to take selfies like a Kardashian you should start by learning how to hold your camera up high to get a better angle. If you use this angle you will make__________look great. It makes your eyes larger and your chin narrow.
That trick by__________will make your picture look fantastic.
Hey, we all want__________to look better. Why not take a tip from the people who are rich and famous from selfies!

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