Suicide Squad Opens Big! Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Aug 5 2016 - 1:57pm by PopESL

Despite getting negative feedback by critics this past week, fans are not listening since David Ayer’s Suicide Squad took home $20.5 million Thursday night. And the flick is poised to make a lot more, around $130 to $140 million for the opening weekend. Suicide Squad beat Guardians of the Galaxy as the largest box office record for Thursday night in an August debut, proving that DC and Warner Bros. is more than willing and capable of challenging Marvel.

Suicide Squad seems to be heading in the same direction of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which was also skewered by critics but collected $27.7 million on the Thursday night release and earned $166.1 million in the United States for its debut weekend. However, Suicide Squad was not able to snag the top Thursday night release of the year, which belongs to Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War with $27.7 million.

If you still don’t know the plot of Suicide Squad, here’s a brief recap: a team of villains including Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) and Deadshot (Will Smith) are brought together by a government official (Viola Davis) to fight evil after the death of Superman in Batman v Superman. Rounding out the cast are Jai Courtney (Captain Boomerang), Joel Kinnaman (Rick Flag), Cara Delevigne (Enchantress) and Jared Leto as the Joker.

Are you excited to see it?

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