Taylor Swift Will Be a Godmother. Reading and Future Simple Practice

Posted on Mar 12 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Taylor to be a Godmother!

Taylor Swift can add another job to her resume. The singer and one of her BFFs, Jamie King, announced recently on Instagram that Swift will be godmother to King’s next little one.

“Guess who just got named Godmother of this little one….. (ME),” she captioned a photo of herself with her hands cupped around the expectant King’s belly.

Taylor Swift, Jamie King, ESL, English as a second language, Babies

Courtesy https://instagram.com/taylorswift/

The expectant King also shared the happy news on Instagram, by posting a cute second pic of the besties, with Swift peeking over King’s shoulder as they both check out her baby bump.

Taylor Swift, Jamie King, ESL, English as a second language, Babies

Courtesy https://instagram.com/jaime_king

When the baby arrives, Swift will be a true fairy godmother.

Practice using the English future tense by choosing the correct form of the verb. Remember the future simple is formed in two ways:

  • will + verb
  • The negative form is: will + not + verb
  • The contraction won’t can be used too: won’t + verb
Jamie King __________ a baby this year. (have)
The baby __________ born. (be)
We probably __________ if it's a girl or boy until the baby is born. (know, negative)
I wonder if the baby __________ a lot? (cry)
Taylor Swift __________ gifts for the baby. (buy)
I wonder if the baby __________ know how famous his or her godmother is? (know)
I wonder what the baby __________ like? (look)
The little one __________ until later this year. (be, negative)
I think Taylor Swift __________ a great godmother, don't you? (make)
Do you think we __________ more pics soon? (see)

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