Taylor Teasing at Coachella? Reading Comprehension

Posted on Apr 21 2016 - 1:22pm by PopESL

Everyone knows that the most important part of Coachella is the fashion, so it’s no surprise that Taylor Swift — musical goddess and idyllic squad leader — would bring her A game.

In addition to declaring that chokers are the new flower crowns, the singer also arrived to the festival sporting new hair and an interesting black jacket…which just so happened to include a hidden message about her boyfriend, Calvin Harris.

What’s the deal with that cool symbol on the back of her jacket? Are you just being super fashionable or are you trying to tell us something, Tay? We need answers. Please.

Good news, Swifties, we’ve received a major hint as to what that jacket could have been alluding to.

The Twitter account, Taylor Swift News discovered that Swift’s boyfriend recently changed his Twitter icon and header to the same symbol featured on Swift’s Coachella jacket, hmmm. Does Calvin Harris have a new album coming?

Curious about Coachella? Click here.

Can you answer these questions about the story?

Find a word in the story that means: extremely happy, perfect, or picturesque.
Which of these is a nickname for Taylor Swift?
Who updated their Twitter account?
Find a word that means: saying or announcing.
Who did she hint about?

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