The Price Is Right Gives Away Free Trips. Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Oct 8 2016 - 2:05pm by PopESL

To pay tribute to Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Price Is Right host Drew Carey gave his entire audience a trip to Palm Springs, Calif on the October, 3rd episode. The crowd was made up of women with breast cancer, survivors of the disease, and people who have supported them. They were in a celebratory mood, especially when they learned they were all going home winners.

Each time a woman got onstage, Carey asked her to tell her story. Some of the survivors were old, some were young; some had been healthy for years, while others had recently finished treatment; and others were fighting breast cancer for the second time.

Carey gave away cars, cash, and a lot of hugs, but there was one survivor who wanted something more. As she was getting onstage, she made it very clear to the host that she wanted to dance with him, and that’s exactly what she did. What a great way to support a great cause.

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