“Uptown Funk” and Harry Potter?? Watch, Read and Learn Vocabulary

Posted on Mar 28 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Voldemort, Harry Potter, ESL, English as a second language, Uptown Funk, Bruno Mars

photo courtesy of imdb.com

After failing to take over the wizarding world, “he who shall not be named” aka Lord Voldemort, is now trying to dominate pop music instead. Could he have a new career away from evil?
In this genius parody, Harry Potter and”Uptown Funk” collide as Lord Voldemort, in his pasty-faced greatness, sings “Dark Lord Funk” in a new video made by Brigham Young University students. It’s a pop music and Potter fan paradise filled with inside jokes, impressive costumes and choreography. It reminds us of the hilarious parodies that Big Al Yankovic pulls off.
Don’t believe me, just watch! Then tell us what you think!

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