Watch: Taylor Swift Drops Her Video for “Style” and it Includes Harry Styles!

Posted on Feb 13 2015 - 8:11pm by PopESL

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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift dropped her new video for “Style” today. She must not believe Friday the 13th is unlucky.

The video features close-ups of Swift and her love interest, played by Dominic Sherwood, along with the red lipstick, drama and long car rides she sings about in the song.

And in true Taylor fashion, the singer made a reference to one of her famous exes in the video. This time it is Harry Styles of One Direction. We all remember they dated in 2012. It makes us wonder if the song title was named after Harry.

So how did she let us know Harry was on her mind? In the new music video Taylor holds up a paper airplane necklace for a split second. It’s well known that one of Harry’s favorite necklaces to wear was a paper airplane necklace, even before Taylor and Harry started dating. While they were dating, Taylor was often seen wearing the necklace. Many people claimed Harry let her wear it as a token of love.

We love the video and don’t think today, or any other day, will be unlucky for Taylor. She is riding high on the Success of 1989. Since 1989 dropped a few months ago it has already outsold more than her previous album Red. That means one thing is for sure, Taylor won’t go “out of style” anytime soon!

Watch it here:

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