Lenny Kravitz Wardrobe Malfunction. Reading and Vocabulary

Posted on Aug 5 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Lenny let it rip, literally, on stage. During a concert in Stockholm Monday night, the 52-year-old rocker tore up the stage, and his leather pants, and exposed his ahem “parts,” in front of the crowd. Two things we learned? He goes commando beneath his skin tight leather pants AND he has quite the piercing. Who knew?

As you would expect,  the crowd, and internet, went crazy… as did most women. “It was insane,” the concertgoer told the Expressen. “I killed myself laughing.  And then I called my mum who was there at the show as well. Her reaction was the same and she almost killed herself laughing too.”

See the NSFW pic here.

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