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Posted on Jul 26 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Do you ever hear someone say,

“What time do you want to meet? How about 6ish?”


“How are you feeling? I feel a little hungryish.”


“She’s the girl wearing the blueish dress.”


“He looks about 30ish.”

Ish is an informal English suffix that can change the meaning of a word. When added to the end of a word it changes the meaning to approximately. It’s commonly used when describing age, time, feelings or in descriptions.

Think of ish as meaning:

a bit




or mostly

So “6ish” means around 6 o’clock, but not exactly.

“Hungryish” means you are a little hungry but not completely hungry.

A “blueish” dress is mostly blue or a variation of blue.

“30ish” means he looks to be near 30 years old.

Do you use this suffix? What examples can you think of?

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