Pop Quiz: “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a…” by Maroon 5

Posted on Aug 17 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

We can’t believe this summer is nearly over. We hope your summer didn’t hurt as much as poor Adam Levine’s did!

Summer may be winding down but we still can’t get this song out of our head. Test your skills on “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt Like a…” below. Good luck!

How does he feel about her when the song begins?
"This summer's gonna hurt like a."

is short for....
What kind of hurt is he singing about?
"I'm in a trance or something."

What does trance mean?
"Her mind is not, no
As sharp as all her diamonds
She must be smoking something"

What does sharp mean?
"I check my phone when I am weak
She never posts anything deep"

Saying someone is not "deep" is another way to say someone is not...
Which is not an opposite word for "deep?"
"And now I'm left with nothing
I'm ripping off, oh
I'm ripping off that bandage
Because I just can't stand it"

What does "rip off the bandage" mean here?
"She wants it all"

A synonym for "all" is...
How does he feel about her at the end of the song?

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