She’s My Boo! Practice Possessive Adjectives

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We hear it all the time…”That’s my boo.”


“I’m with my boo tonight.”


“Is that your boo?”

Boo? It’s not Halloween is it? No…a boo (rhymes with shoe) can also mean your boyfriend/girlfriend or significant other. So how do you tell the world a special person belongs to you? You use possessive adjectives, that’s how!

Possessive adjectives show possession.

It can be anything from a person to a car. They show who or what owns something. Unlike pronouns these do not replace a noun. Also remember the possessive adjective for ‘its’ does not need an apostrophe. The possessive adjectives in English are:
my (singular)
your (singular and plural)
his (singular)
her (singular)
its (singular)
our (plural)
their (plural)
whose (question) (singular and plural)

Here are some examples:
I love your dress.
Shakira is my favorite singer.
Whose seat is this?
This is his ticket.
Jessica Simpson is our favorite celebrity.

Now let’s practice!

Choose the correct possessive adjective for each sentence.

She has great style. __________shoes are so cute!
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher showed off__________cute baby.
__________house is this?
Hey guys, I want to try__________dinner. It looks tasty!
The dog broke__________leg
She will arrive in__________own car.
What is__________favorite movie?
On the tv show The Voice, judges pick__________favorite singer.
Today is__________birthday! I'm 21 years old.
He want her to be__________date.

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