Pop Quiz: More “Uptown Funk” Practice!

Posted on Apr 10 2015 - 11:00am by PopESL

Hey peeps! Here’s more “Uptown Funk” practice for you! Enjoy and good luck!

Pick the correct word to complete the lyric:
"That ice cold
Michelle Pfeiffer
That white _____."
"Livin’ it up in the _____.
Got Chucks on with Saint Laurent
Gotta kiss myself I’m so pretty."
What does "Chucks" mean in this song?
Pick the correct word to complete the lyric:
"Stylin', _____."
Fill in the correct form of the missing word:
"I’m _____ hot."
Now complete the lyric with the imperative, or command, form of the verb:
"Stop. _____ a minute."
"_____my cup. put some liquor in it."
"Take a sip, _____ the check."
"Julio! Get the stretch!"

What is a "stretch" in this song?
"If you sexy than flaunt it. If you freaky than own it"
What does "flaunt" mean?


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